Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Blank Slate. A Fresh Start.

It's a little empty, isn't it? Not much is here yet, but I'm pretty sure that will change.

I had grand plans for having an amazing design done for the blog. It's on my list of things to do, but it will be later, rather than sooner. My "plan" was holding me back from just jumping in and getting started (not unheard of for me, which is something I'm working on), so I decided to jump right in, instead. That was a hard decision for me. I generally follow my "plans", but I decided to throw it out the window (for now) and just get started. So here we go...

Sewing is a part of who I am. I come by it honestly. My mom started her own bridal designing and manufacturing company when I was teeny tiny. The hum of her industrial Juki lulled me to sleep. Her dress mannequin, fondly known as Bertha, wore the most beautiful gowns. And, often fashioned lovely dresses made of random scraps of tulle, taffeta, satin and organza that I pinned right to her.

I stepped on my fair share of straight pins buried in our avocado green shag carpet, wore some pretty fantastic dresses as a little girl (yes, there are pictures), and had handmade "Cabbage Patch Dolls" when we couldn't afford the real thing. By her example, my mom has been my guide, taught me, and shaped my life.

I can't wait to share more with you, maybe tell some stories, share some pics of all the handmade love that my mom created for me. This blog is going to become a fun, and very special place for all of us. Tutorials on quilting, sewing and other fun stuff will be coming soon. And I'm sure I'll throw in some pictures of my hubby and 3 kiddos, too. They are pretty darn cute.

Okay, I can't wait. Here are my girlies. They're wearing skirts I made for them. They think they are modeling for something much more important than this little blog, I'm sure.
Baby Girl and Little Miss
Well, if I show off the girls, I have to show off my boy. Just look at that face!
My Sweet Boy
I'll be back soon!