Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Have I Mentioned that I LOVE Disney?

Let the planning begin!! We've booked our trip for Disneyland in March!!! I'm SO excited! I'm kinda sorta geeking out a bit, too.

I love Disney. So much. It makes my heart happy. I'm pretty sure that my love affair began before I can remember. I watched The Magical World of Disney movies on Sunday nights. The Disney Channel was a dream come true. I recorded Mary Poppins, The Parent Trap, PollyAnna, and many more movies onto my beloved VHS tapes. I wore those things out! I started my own collection of Disney videos in college, with the help of the likes of BMG movie club. They really knew how to help a poor college girl build an obsessive collection of videos. My friends and I would have Disney movie nights in our dorm. We really knew how to party, wink, wink.

I have been fortunate enough to visit Disneyland 8 times, and Disney World once. (There's pretty funny story about the first time I "thought" I visited Disneyland. I'll have to dedicate a post just for that later.) I had a bit of a Disney slump in my my early 30's. Being married, raising 2 little ones (too young to appreciate Disney, at the time), and growing a business can do that do a girl. It all changed when we took Sweet Boy and Little Miss to Disneyland for the first time, 4 years ago. Through their eyes, my love was renewed.
Meeting The Mouse, himself!
My Sweet Boy meeting Rafiki for the first time.
The moment Little Miss fell in love with Minnie.  
Little Miss couldn't resist Pinocchio's nose. 
My Sweet Boy & The Castle. My Favorite.
This trip will be Baby Girl's first visit to The Happiest Place on Earth. She's already a huge Disney fan. I cannot wait to see her face when she walks into Disneyland. My in-laws are coming with us, as well. They are incredibly good to us. Sharing this trip with them will be fantastic. A good friend of mine will be there at the same time we are. Eeeek! I'm excited!

I'm still in the early stages of planning for this visit. We're all set with a hotel and park tickets - 5 Day Park Hoppers, baby!!! I've got some ideas for dining and visiting Downtown Disney. I'll be making lots of lists, I'm sure. I'm also planning on making some cute princess dresses for the girls, and tie-dying some shirts for everyone.

This post could get lengthy, so I'll stop, for now. I'll be back soon with more planning details, I'm sure. I'd love to know what your favorite, not-to-be-missed, rides and things to do in Disneyland are. I love reading your comments!!



  1. Hi Cristy! Saw your post on twitter and my ears pricked up, we are going on our first trip to Disneland in January and I'm very excited. We have a four day park hopper pass - hope its going to be long enough! Will keep an eye out for any tips you have (or others). Danielle (I'm petitselefants on twitter)

    1. How fun!!! You're going to have a great time! I haven't been to Cars Land yet, but make sure to hit it first thing in the morning and get Fast Passes for Radiator Spring Racers. The line gets long really fast, and the Fast Passes will let you come back later and wait in a shorter line. That way, you can enjoy other parts of the park, then go back for a shorter wait. Let me know if I can help at all! Let the Memories Begin!!