Thursday, October 17, 2013

Double Wedding Ring Quilt Along - Cutting Instructions

Hi! I'm so sorry about having to delay my posts. After being a work-at-home mom for over 8 years, you'd think I'd get use to my kids getting sick, unexpectedly. It doesn't seem to work that way, though. And when it happens, I have to push some things down on my "to do" list. Thank you for understanding!

I'm going to update the schedule, but we should be pretty close to finishing when I planned to.

Are you ready to cut some fabric?

I have three new videos for you! I'm thrilled to share them with you, and I think they will really help with the next step in the quilt along.

The first video has more info and tips for planning out your Double Wedding Ring quilt design. You can still download the printable coloring sheets, if you haven't gotten the chance, yet.

In the next two videos, I talk all about cutting your fabric for the pieced arches and solid arches. In an upcoming video, I'll share how to make the improv arches.

Here's a cutting guide for your pieced arches:

*There are 12 arch pieces and 2 cornerstones for each melon

1 Full Ring

  • 48 arch pieces
  • 8 cornerstones
2 Rings
  • 84 arch pieces
  • 14 cornerstones
4 Rings
  • 144 arch pieces
  • 24 cornerstones
You can join the Flickr group, anytime. And if you're on Instagram or Twitter, our hashtag is #dwrqal.

Next time, we'll be piecing our arches! See you soon!


  1. not sure if it is just me, but the videos don't show up. just empty white space...

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