Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Life can sure throw some curve balls.

I'm sorry. I have to push the DWR Quilt Along back another day. My youngest daughter got really sick last night, and I was at the ER with her, until midnight. She's been sick all day, battling a fever that just won't break.

The videos have been filmed. I will be doing the final editing, tonight, and will get all caught up between now and Thursday.

Stay with me! Just think of this as some extra design, coloring and template prep time. See you Thursday.



  1. Hope your daughter feels better soon. What is life without curve balls.

  2. Hope your daughter feels better soon! She comes first!!

  3. No worries about the quilt-a-long. Hope your daughter gets better soon.!

  4. I hope your daughter is feeling better.
    Always, Queenie