Tuesday, May 6, 2014

QuiltCon 2015: I'm teaching and I can't wait!

QuiltCon 2013 was an incredible experience. It was nonstop fun and alive with energy. Returning for 2015 was definite for me, but this time will be a little different, in the best of ways.

10 years ago, I started my business, Purple Daisies, LLC. My mom's (Sharon Schamber) quilting career was growing larger by the day, and I knew that online exposure was the next step for her. I started selling her patterns and designs on an eBay store, then opened my own online store. Starting my own business was one of the best decisions I have ever made. When I began, I was pregnant with my son. Once he was born, I was able to stay home with him, be "Mom", and grow my business.

I quickly began teaching many of my mom's classes and designs locally, regionally and nationally. I also began vending at quilt shows to spread the word about our techniques and support my mom's teaching. I have over 60 quilt shows under my belt.

My daughter Molly was born in 2007. Her birth changed everything. She came into this world with multiple heart defects. Her first open heart surgery was just 7 days after her birth. (You can read about her story here.) Molly needed me to be home with her. I had a to make a choice: to keep teaching and traveling multiple times a month, or just vend at quilt shows several times a year. The decision was easy. I stuck with the quilt shows. I still had a presence in the quilting world, was able to grow and establish my online business, and be home with my baby girl.

Fast forward to QuiltCon 2013. I was vending, and having a blast. I demonstrated free-motion quilting, Piec-lique, shared my love of glue basting, met so many new friends, and learned all about InstaGram ;). While doing my vendor 'thang, I had the overwhelming feeling come over me that I needed to travel and teach again. At the show, I would often be asked where I was teaching next, when I would demonstrate a technique or speak about some tips and tricks. I could see the path lay out before me. Teaching at QuiltCon became part of my path, and a goal I set out to reach.

After a lot of hard work over the past year, I've begun teaching again. I'm still vending at quilt shows here and there, as well. The best news is: I'M TEACHING AT QUILTCON 2015!!!!

I feel like it's all come full circle, and I couldn't be happier. I think you're going to love the classes I have planned. I'm going to share lots of tips, tricks and fun little things to help you with all aspects of your quilting. It's going to be a blast. Here's a little sneak peek of my classes:

Intro to Piec-lique:
Piec-lique, and glue basting, makes curved seams easy and simple.

This little quilt is made of 4 blocks of my "Flow" design. In class, you'll work on one Flow block using any color combination you'd like. Once you learn how to make one, adding on is easy. These blocks are fun to flip around and rearrange in all sorts of ways. You'll receive both a right and left block pattern, making it even more fun to create.

Intro to Paperless Paper-Piecing:
Paperless Paper-Piecing is limitless! With this design of mine called "Folded", I'll show you how to create and precisely "paper-piece" the design while taking you beyond the limits of paper foundations. In class, you'll make one block. This block can be flipped and flopped into many configurations. I think you're going to love it!

Technical Tips & Tricks:
This class is all about easy and simple ways to improve all aspects of your sewing and quilting. I'll share all sorts of fun tips, tricks and even some of my favorite sewing secrets as you create your own version of my "Big Sister's Star" block. This is one class not to be missed!

Registration for QuiltCon 2015 opens soon! Here are some dates for you:
June 24, 2014 - Registration opens for members of the Modern Quilt Guild.
July 1, 2014 - Registration opens for the general public.

I can't wait to see you at QuiltCon!



  1. Congrats! Looks like your class will be a lot of fun!

  2. Congrats. You and your mom are such an inspiration. Thanks for the good news.

  3. Congratulations woo hoo. Glad your child is better and that you feel you can travel again.

  4. It's good to see that your business has grown so much! Trying to balance business and family has to be one of the toughest things to do. Going online has to be one of the best decisions you've made, and it could also be quite easier to handle than traditional businesses, especially when it comes to keeping track of things. And your teaching gigs must have also helped a lot of people on starting businesses on their own. Cheers!

    Timothy Eng @ West Point Media

  5. Your mothers make such a beautiful design of quilting.I always get awestruck whe,never I see her design.She is very talented.

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