Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Sew Much Like Mom has a new home!

New home of Sew Much Like Mom

Hi Everyone,

Several months back, I updated my online store which has an integrated blog. I started posting over there, but so many things in life sucked all of my blogging time right out of me. I've resolved that life is never going to be less busy, but I cannot use that as an excuse to be an absent blogger. I love sharing my little world with you. And in the moments when I feel alone, and wonder if anyone is really paying attention, I know you're there. Thank you for that.

I bet you're wondering how to find me now. Here's my new home:

My new blog is built right into my shop and if you receive my newsletter, you'll also automatically receive my blog updates.

All of the content here will stay here. I'm hoping to figure out how to move all of my "furniture" from this home to the new one, but I still have to figure that part out.

Lots of love to you!


  1. It is sweet to know that you love sharing the important and even the not-so important details with your fans and you never forget them. Stay blessed!

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